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Parkway Animal Clinic is a full service veterinary hospital in northwest Peoria, Arizona. Conveniently located at the northeast intersection of Lake Pleasant Parkway and Happy Valley Road. Our veterinarians and our skilled healthcare team provide high quality care for dogs and cats, and compassion and understanding for their families.



Business Hours: Monday through Friday 8AM to 6PM.
        We are CLOSED on Saturday and Sunday. 

See what clients are saying about Parkway:


"I'd answer all of the questions with SIX stars if I could. Parkway Animal Clinic is the most outstanding veterinary practice that we have taken our pets to. It's always spotless, never an odor, the staff is always friendly, caring, professional, and concerned about the wellbeing of our cats. Dr. White always knows our cats when they come in for a checkup or something that concerns us. He is gentle and thorough, explains everything to us and answers all our questions. We highly recommend Parkway Animal Clinic."

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Wellness care is the foundation of modern medicine. Appropriate wellness care throughout your pet's life can potentially add years of quality time. This starts when your pet's are young all the way into their senior years. 

Preventative Dentistry


Preventative dentistry is a vital component of your pet's overall healthcare plan. Appropriate periodic assessment of your pet's oral health, combined with dental scaling, subgingival curettage, and polishing can help prevent the kind of dental disease that leads to tooth loss, unnecessary oral pain, and increased risk of other illnesses. Just as we have come to expect of our dentists when we visit them, each of our patients receives a full oral examination and  dental x-rays during the dental care procedure. 

Therapeutic Dentistry


When dental health becomes compromised, pets develop gingivitis and periodontal disease. These conditions can lead to bad breath, oral pain, tooth loss, and weakening of the jaw bones. In addition, they may make pets more susceptible to kidney infections and other illnesses. Parkway Animal Clinic is equipped to treat most dental conditions. When advanced dental therapy is indicated and desired, we will refer your pet to a board certified veterinary dentist.

General Medicine


Although we aim to prevent disease as much as possible, sometimes our pets just get sick. Parkway Animal Clinic is a fully equipped modern veterinary care facility. We pride ourselves in compassionate modern medical care. Through the use of our own laboratory and imaging equipment combined with local reference laboratories and imaging specialists, we are able to offer the highest level of diagnostic testing and patient care.

Pain Control


We are concerned with minimizing any discomfort our patients may experience. This includes minimizing or eliminating acute pain from surgical procedures, as well as managing chronic pain from conditions such as arthritis or cancer. Fortunately, we have multiple drugs and supplements at our disposal to treat any pain experienced by your pet. Each pet will have its own unique cause of and response to the pain it is experiencing, and will therefore need its own individual pain control plan.



Our goal during an anesthetic procedure is to maintain the body at its healthiest level of function. We can provide this level of care due to our modern equipment and advanced anesthetic training. We also strive to completely treat any discomfort due to surgical procedures. This is accomplished via pain control before the procedure is started, during and after the procedure. In many cases, this includes medication that is given for a few days after the procedure.

Soft Tissue Surgery


Parkway Animal Clinic is equipped to perform soft tissue surgery including:

  • spays and neuters

  • mass removals

  • gastrointestinal surgeries

  • bladder stone removal

  • eye and ear surgery

  • oral surgery

While some of these procedures are performed many times each week, no surgery should ever be viewed as 'routine,' as each patient is different and every case is unique. Prior to any surgical procedure, your veterinarian or a veterinary healthcare team member will explain the risks and potential complications of the procedure. At the time your pet is discharged from the hospital, homecare instructions will be provided to help you help your pet during the postoperative period. 



We now provide the benefit of acupuncture at Parkway Animal Clinic. Acupuncture can provide our pets with healing properties for many different ailments. 

Need to schedule an appointment? Call 623-362-8000 or 


25245 N. Lake Pleasant Parkway 

Peoria, AZ 85383

Tel:  623-362-8000


8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Monday - Friday



Saturday + Sunday




At Parkway Animal Clinic, we celebrate the important role that dogs and cats play in our lives and focus on providing state of the art care in a modern, comfortable, family friendly environment. We strive to honor our motto, Compassionate professionals serving pets and their families.


Because we feel that customer service is too often lacking in the modern world we live in, we choose to focus on providing our clients with an experience of exceptional service. Being pet lovers ourselves, we also understand the stress typically involved in visits to the doctor, and aim to minimize it by treating our patients as we do our own pets' with compassion and gentle hands.

Parkway Animal Clinic is a full service veterinary hospital which provides the following: 

  • wellness

  • vaccinations

  • annual exams

  • laboratory tests

  • dental care

  • soft tissue surgery

  • general and internal medicine

  • pain management

  • anesthesia

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