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Anesthesia used to be seen as a risky endeavor that was determined successful if the patient survived the procedure. Today, with the major advancements in vital system monitoring and medicine, the barometer for successful anesthesia is much different. Our goal during an anesthetic procedure is to maintain the body at its healthiest level of function. We can provide this level of care due to our modern equipment and advanced anesthetic training. Each anesthetic patient has an individually tailored anesthetic plan, including safe anesthetic drugs, and monitoring of ECG, pulse oximetry, blood pressure, capnography and temperature. Our anesthetic patients are supplemented with I.V. fluids to maintain normal blood pressure and hydration during anesthesia, and their body temperature is maintained through a heated surgery table and multiple warming systems. Each of our anesthetic patients receives an I.V. catheter to allow for quick administration of medication if the need arises. In addition to maintaining normal physiologic function, we also strive to completely treat any discomfort due to surgical procedures. This is accomplished via pain control before the procedure is started and through continued pain control during and after the procedure. In many cases, this includes medication that is given for a few days after the procedure.

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