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Dr. White

Wellness care is the foundation of modern medicine. Appropriate wellness care throughout your pet's life can potentially add years of quality time.

Pediatric Wellness

Just like people, pets are especially vulnerable and uniquely impressionable during the first months of their life. As a consequence, the first several months of a pet's physical and behavioral development are crucial. During this vital time, our healthcare team will take a number of steps to assist in your pet's development. Vaccines have long been the cornerstone of preventive care. Although we are now much more discerning of the number and type of vaccination administered, they still play a very important role in developing long lasting protection against infectious disease. Based on your pet's breed, age, health status and lifestyle, our team will help you decide which diseases your pet needs to be vaccinated against. Along with vaccinations, our healthcare team will assist you in getting your pet growing in the right direction. Starting down the path of appropriate intestinal parasite prevention and screening, initiating proper heartworm preventive and testing regimens, and guiding you through some of the 'puppy behavior' issues all pets seem to experience.

Adult Wellness

Because pets rarely come to us complaining of their various ailments, we value our yearly examinations as an opportunity to help you evaluate your pet's health. During the annual wellness exam, your pet's physical health will be evaluated along with its diet, lifestyle, physical activity and body condition. Considering your pet's well-being as a whole, our team will then be able to make recommendations regarding vaccinations. The days of across-the-board yearly vaccinations for our pets have thankfully been put behind us. Although vaccines remain a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, each individual will have a tailored program developed for their needs. Our team will assist you in developing an appropriate inoculation program for your pet. Advances in medical knowledge and technology have led to longer lives of higher quality for us and our pets. Although our physical examinations allow us to glean valuable insight into your pet's overall health, we are still limited by our inability to actually see what is happening inside the body. Therefore, we often will recommend annual laboratory screening to get that 'peek' into the inner working of your pet's vital organ systems. The extent of these tests will vary based on your pet's overall health, age , breed and other factors. A few tests are recommended annually for all pets. One that many pet owners have been familiar with for years is the stool test for intestinal parasites. Although this is an old, low tech test, it is as valuable as ever. In addition, we recommend yearly testing for heartworm in dogs and yearly testing for feline retroviruses in cats that go outside or have exposure to other cats. We have all heard that 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,' and this has never been more true than it is with heartworm disease and intestinal parasites. Therefore, our team will happily assist you in developing an appropriate plan for preventing these diseases. One last pillar of adult wellness is dental care. Dental disease impacts the entire body, and can lead to devastating diseases such as kidney dysfunction. We will evaluate your pet's dental health and develop an appropriate dental care plan after our examination.

Senior Wellness

Senior pets need much of the same care that adult pets need. Because our animals age far too quickly, annual examinations are too infrequent for many geriatric pets. We strive to detect disease before it becomes evident to you and before if affects your pets quality of life. Unfortunately, disease progresses so quickly in many older pets that semi-annual examinations are needed to allow us the opportunity to intervene before the disease has progressed too far. Although age is not a disease, it does increase your pet's risk of developing some diseases. Since early detection is the key to maintaining wellness, we often recommend more in-depth laboratory evaluations for older pets. As pets enter their senior years, professional dental care becomes even more important. Chronic and severe periodontal disease may increase the risk of some other diseases, including kidney, liver, and heart problems. Weight management is critical in older pets as well, both to ease the strain on aging joints, and to reduce the risk of diabetes and other illnesses.

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